your Android mobile

Spice up your home screen with our many personalization apps! Use our custom themes to personalize your lock screen, add screen filters, and more. Create pink icons for your home screen or install the screen dimmer for nighttime use. Best of all, these apps are all completely free! Give them a try today.

your Keyboard

Make your keyboard look the way you want it to look with our Android apps! Choose from 15+ colors and themes to change up your phone or tablet's keyboard. The apps come with a variety of features, including auto-complete for English, vibrate, and spell check. Play around with these themes on a Sunday afternoon and pick the one that suits you best.

other fun apps!

Our apps aren't just for customizing your Android device - explore some of our other fun applications such as the Fake Windows 8 app and the Fake iPhone 5 Launcher! Play pranks on your friends and add some entertainment to your phone for free.